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12 Podcasts By Arab Creators Every Entrepreneur Should Tune into Right Now

The art of storytelling is alive and well, and the podcast industry continues to lead the way. We’ve selected our top listens for entrepreneurs, ranging from inspiring industry insights to stories of spectacular startup failures...

They’re the talk of the town. The bee’s knees. The safest bet for long commutes, lonely nights or early morning existentialism. Podcasts. Stories told from far and wide of trendsetters, disruptors, industry leaders and oddball creatives. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and forms, and while it’s great how the audio format has helped bridge regions and cultures with its wide accessibility, there’s something to be said for hearing our own stories, our own tales of triumph. So on that note, #StartupScene has curated a list of 12 podcasts made by Arab platforms and figures. From interviews with CEOs, inimitable entrepreneurs, authors and artists, to in-depth analysis on the many state of affairs that define the MENA region’s ecosystem.

 When Women Win

An informative, celebratory show on the lives of phenomenal women; regional and international female pioneers share their inspirational stories, and pass their wisdom on. The show has garnered a huge following, being one of the most listened to podcasts in the Middle East. On each episode, host and creator Rana Nawas, features one remarkable woman, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, famed correspondents and anchors, and athletes conversing on gender parity in each of their respective industries and sectors, internalised misogyny, and the personal stories of triumph of each of the women.

 Al Empire (Kerning Cultures) 

Yet another show on the Kerning Cultures Network, this one features some of the Arab world’s most inspiring icons and their rise to success; from Mashrou’ Leila frontman Hamed Sinno, Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, Mumzworld founder Mona Ataya and The Modist founder Ghizlan Guenez.


Telling inspiring stories of prominent regional entrepreneurs and how they’ve affected their societies for the better, Reframe’s hosts Mona and Farrukh focus on generating actionable advice and inspirational case studies from their interviewees spanning several tech or tech-enabled industries.  


From a pillar platform that has been devoted to bolstering young and innovative minds in the region, this podcast delves right into incredibly interesting subject matters that exist within the intersection of innovation and culture. Expect topics like how to create AI that speaks in Arabic, the rise of FinTech in the region and how to spot the perfect startup founder.


A Saudi podcast that managed to expand to a worldwide audience, Fnjan covers everything from the inevitability of artificial intelligence to veganism. With over 135 episodes, the long-standing staple in Arab region podcasts, by independent Arabic media platform Thmanyah, has exceeded 13 million views on Apple Podcasts and YouTube. 


Two lawyers sit down with a variety of industry leaders and experts to discuss how legal frameworks and changing regulations around the region can affect their ventures. From e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores, healthcare providers to restaurateurs, the 30+ episode podcast quite literally covers every industry.

Seera by The National

‘Seera’ is Arabic for ‘biography’ or 'her story'. The National’s audio venture covers real and raw topics discussed with incredible women from the Middle East. Leaders and inspiring figures that have challenged stereotypes, battled status quos and affected real change in every corner of the region are the stars of the show here.

 Making It

A weekly show hosting CEOs and founders in Egypt. Produced by Enterprise, the show hones in on the vision, strategy and conflict that both blesses and hinders an entrepreneur in Egypt, across industries and at various stages of their businesses.




Slowly but surely there’s been a surge of Arabic content and this is one you shouldn’t miss. The podcast is a science programme hosted by Dr. Mohamed Qasem, diving into topics such as astronomy, math, biology, the human brain and psyche.  

Savvy Talk by Maha Abouenein 

Egyptian PR and media maverick Maha Aboulenein sets her phasers for the MENA region’s business communication strategies. The weekly show sees the host explore the trends businesses exhibit these days, and weigh in her own input that’s backed by a vast experience working for the ecosystem’s largest companies and platforms.

 Tales of the Trade

Dubai’s pioneers talk about their journey to greatness, not just by launching their ventures, but by building communities through that journey. Money is one thing, but legacy and real impact is another - this show delves into the human side of entrepreneurial success.

Business Extra 

The Middle East is an ever-evolving hub, be it for tech, trade or energy, among many industries. There’s always so much happening and changing that keeping up can be daunting. The National brings in experts to share their insights and aggregated expertise to give a holistic look at business in the region.

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