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UAE-based Remittances App Denarii Cash Expands Network Across MENA and South Asia

The app has seen a significant growth since March, with the pandemic propelling the startup’s usage to new heights.

Dubai-based cash e-transfer app Denarii Cash has expanded their network so that expatriates in the UAE can now remit money to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. 

The remittances app has ridden the regional FinTech wave to absolute fruition, and then some. The industry had already ranked as first in terms of deals in H1 2020, and when it comes to Denarii’s journey so far, it shows. Since March 2020, the startup has had an unprecedented surge in downloads with over 1.1 million waitlisted users pending to be activated. The figure’s a resounding testament to their growth when considering that, prior to the pandemic, there were 57,000 active users. 

“As key players in the remittance field, since the beginning of the pandemic our team has worked tirelessly to hasten the process of signing partnership agreements to offer our services to several expatriate communities in the UAE. Our strategy is to offer our remittance services to as many expatriates as possible,” says Jon Santillan, founder of Denarii. “Today, we are proud to have paved the way for our customers to digitally remit cash to 11 major countries and this was no easy task. We look forward to further expanding our services to several other countries in the near future.”

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