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Cairo Beauty Services Startup Glamera Raises Six-Figure Investment

The pandemic helped the app thrive, thanks to its tech-driven features that caters to users’ demand for adopting more online alternatives.

Cairo-based beauty services startup Glamera has raised a six-figure investment from Saudi’s Dual Gate Investment Holding. The investment will be focused on developing the startup’s services in Riyadh and Jeddah, after expanding earlier this year to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The app acts as an online directory of beauty clinics, salons, dentists, makeup artists and dietitians, where users are able to browse and book services via the platform. Since launching in September 2019, Glamera’s garnered 100K users, with 600 providers in Egypt and 120 in Riyadh. The cities among their network now includes Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Alexandria and Erbil. The startup has fared well from its inception, raising $250K from a cohort of Saudi angel investors during their seed funding round.

"The changes that Coronavirus has made have become a great advantage for Glamera,” says Mohamed Hassan, co-founder and CEO. “The current circumstances have prompted users to realise the importance of pre-booking for all services including the beauty sector and raised awareness among providers for joining the app to schedule their clients’ appointments."

According to Glamera, the platform offers users competitive prices, as well as added perks such as home services and free consultations with a wide variety of beauty professionals. The founders, Mohamed Hassan and Omar Ahmed, are vying to not only expand to Saudi, but to go beyond and establish Glamera as one of the region’s leading beauty booking services in Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq. 

"We have a powerful team of the best technical developers and expert project managers,” adds Omar Fathy, CTO of Glamera. ”All working continuously to improve the design of the application interface to suit users, in addition to coming up with a recent version of the application within days that will impress users.”

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