Tuesday April 23rd, 2024
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Egyptian Startup Designs Environmentally-Friendly Water Filter at Less Than Half Average Cost

Buy Me Filter’s disruptive product could transform clean water access for the region.

Staff Writer

A new Egyptian startup, Buy Me Filter, has launched a groundbreaking new product: a water filter with the efficiency of a consumer-grade filter at less than half the cost. Manufactured from a mixture of ceramic and other environmentally-friendly materials, the Hayah Filter is 90% recyclable and requires no maintenance over its three year lifecycle.

Buy Me Filter’s team of engineers spent two years perfecting their design, travelling to four countries and creating hundreds of prototypes before finally reaching their ambitious goal. On their journey, they consulted professors, water management organizations, and filter manufacturers across Canada, Holland, Kenya, and Egypt.

The company set out to create an affordable clean water solution for rural Egypt and underserved areas in Africa. Traditional water filters can be prohibitively expensive, and the problem is further exacerbated by regular maintenance costs, which require the filter to be changed every 1-2 months if the water is particularly unclean.

Regarding his organization’s mission, CEO Mohannad Hesham said, “People have a right not only to have water flowing through their homes, but for that water to be safe to drink and use, without any odour, taste, or colour.”

Buy Me Filter has taken significant steps to reduce the Hayah Filter’s carbon footprint, using natural materials and greatly minimizing plastics and petroleum-based products in their manufacturing process. Their goal is to completely remove plastics from the next iteration of the already eco-friendly filter.

Pre-orders for the Hayah Filter are currently available on the company’s website, with a modified version specially designed for homes and offices to be delivered to early adopters by the end of the year. Alternatively, Buy Me Filter provides the option to deliver one or more filters to communities in need in Upper Egypt.


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