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Egyptian Fintech Startup Paymob Provides Cardless Payment Features for Gamers

Thanks to Paymob, Egypt’s cash economy still has access to entertainment and gaming services.

Cairo-based digital payment processor Paymob has just made it possible for Egyptian gamers to purchase from and subscribe to international brands like PlayStation, Xbox, or PUBG Mobile— no credit card needed.

Paymob, which provides a local means of payment in places where credit cards aren’t widely used, aka a cash economy, has partnered with German company Holyo to make it possible for Egyptian gamers to use Meeza cards, mobile wallets, and over-the-counter outlets to provide payments to games and entertainment providers sans MasterCard. 

“The gaming industry is witnessing a great demand from the region and Paymob is proud to be part of this movement. We aim to make gamers’ experience seamless by providing safe and convenient methods of payment that suits all gamers across Egypt,” said Paymob’s COO Alain El-Hajj in a press statement. “This partnership and likes of it that has customer experience at its heart has a great positive impact on the gaming industry.” Over the years, Paymob has been working on providing a practical solution for international players to maximize their conversion rates and for Egyptians to have increased access to services coming from abroad.

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