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Doctor Online: Egypt’s First Virtual Clinic Platform

The app helps patients and doctors bypass the need for physically being there to accomplish key medical tasks such as check-ups and prescriptions - in an age where the contactless, the better.

Egypt has launched its first virtual clinic app, DoctorOnline. The platform enables patients to have an entirely virtual clinic experience to help combat contact concerns during the pandemic.

The application is aligned with the Egyptian government’s 2030 vision, and is part of the digital and tech overhaul spearheaded by many institutions across several industries, most crucially the health sector. The healthtech startup connects patients with expert medical practitioners and doctors in a variety of fields, not only those based in Egypt but worldwide.

“We believe that technology is playing a crucial role in digitally developing all sectors, including the healthcare industry,” Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hakim, founder of DoctorOnline. “It is our pleasure to launch one of the top medical applications in Egypt, which we believe will create a quantum leap in Egypt’s medical and healthcare solutions, offering potential patients a number of unique services and giving them access to doctors from all around the globe. The application comes in line with the government’s 2030 vision and its efforts towards transforming Egypt’s digital practices.”

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