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Medico, New Website Digitizing “The Family Doctor”

We speak to Sergio Zoryan, the CEO behind this disrupting medical website.

Not everyone has “a family doctor”, to call for medical consultations and questions. Luckily, Medico, a Cairo-based website brings users the” Family Doctor” experience, just one click away. The new platform is a fruit of the international health care mother-company Elite Medical Services’ (EMS) hardwork, which links patients with Italian hospitals and healthcare.

 “Some questions such as “May I help you?”, “Let me know if you have any questions.” are asked when you walk into any reputable retail store... So why hasn’t the healthcare industry done the same?,” this is how Sergio Zorayan and EMS' founder Dr. Davide Maged got the idea of Medico. The website provides a 24/7 medical support through chat, that connects you with EMS’ best Egyptian General Practitioners, to ask them anything medical-related.

“The idea is to take advantage of our network of trusted physicians and of what modern technology has to offer,” Sergio Zorayan told Startup Scene. Medico aims to cover the gap between the patients and trustworthy professional doctors. “ Not everyone has the possibility or the will to spend time going to their trusted doctor, waiting countless hours in clinics and having him/her one phone call away at any time of day and night,” Zorayan continued.

Another problem Medico strives to solve is misinformation widespread in our culture, especially when it comes to sensitive medical concerns, like sexual issues. This problem only leads individuals asking the unqualified parties, or search online to know more about their medical concerns, which can end up with the person having some complicated 12-letter disease. As a solution, Medico offers a secured private service, where you can ask questions anonymously to professional doctors.

When asked about the idea of online chatting and how it can be inaccurate compared to actual physical examination, Zorayan told us that the app is no way a replacement. Medico focuses mainly on the primary symptoms, medical questions and supporting the patient through the whole process. 

Medico plans to get money through monthly subscriptions and the percentage users pay as they go services. As for now, Medico will be free of charge for a limited time, as promotional offer for its first customers. 

Zorayan didn’t apply for any accelerators programmes, but is planning to, once they have achieved a target number of customers and medical requests. Moreover, they plan to create the app, in order to be more accessible and to get more doctors with fixed commissions. ”As for the services, aside from AskMedico, we will be offering House calls and lab tests from the comfort of your home, through partnerships and percentage referrals once we get funds,” the founder told us exclusively.

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