Thursday July 18th, 2024
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International SMEs Day: 5 Ways to Support Your Local SMEs Through Google Maps

Help support your local SMEs and startups on International SMEs Day with only a few taps and swipes on Google Maps.

Staff Writer

Small businesses have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus crisis. Fact. Startups have had to pick themselves up by the bootstraps at every turn and jump hurdle after hurdle. As the world slowly reopens its door by lifting lockdowns and curfew restrictions, however, entrepreneurs - who have been already battling what seemed like a never-ending ‘what now?’ situation - are also on the path to get the wheels churning again. 

So today, June 27th, on International SMEs Day, let us guide you on how you, with a few taps and swipes, can support your local SMEs using Google Maps with five easy ways, highlighted by Google MENA’s Head of SMBs Marketing Ziad Chehade:

1. Report a place as re-opened on Google Maps


“Business owners may not have the time or resources to keep the information on their online listing updated. If you know a business has reopened to the public, but it’s still marked as closed on Google Search or Maps, you can report it as re-opened. Click on the ‘Temporarily Closed’ banner on the business and select ‘Suggest an edit’ to let us know that the business has reopened. And for businesses that have reopened with different hours, you can also submit updated open hours information too.”

2. Spread the word with reviews, ratings and photos


“Share your experience. Writing about a restaurant’s well-executed takeout window or adding photos of the menu or dish you ordered in your Maps review can help businesses you love attract more customers.”

3. Answer questions and check the facts 


“You can share useful insights about places that you’ve visited by answering easy questions that pop up on Google Maps. You can also verify information about places that other people submit before it’s published on Google Maps.”

 4. Order delivery or takeout


“Many restaurants and cafes that are closed for dine-in service have pivoted to takeout and delivery. If you’re not in the mood to cook, treat yourself while supporting one of your local restaurants. Use Google Maps to find restaurants around you that are offering takeout or delivery services.”

5. Use ‘Plus Codes’ to help people find small businesses


“Is one of your local businesses in an area that doesn’t have a street name? You can help people find them by using Plus Codes. Simply drop a pin on Google Maps and share the alphanumeric code with friends and family who then use the Google Maps search bar to get directions to the business.”

You can sign up to the app’s Local Guides community right here, which enables you to join millions of users worldwide that are also trying to support their favourite businesses. Every contribution you make as a Local Guide earns you points that allow you to level up and earn certain badges within Google Maps. These badges come with exclusive perks to Google products and, of course, the coveted spot of being a trusted Local Guide within your city’s Google Maps.


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