Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Top Five Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Should Have to Make Life Easier

A selection of the latest tools to keep tasks running smoothly and streamline your agenda.

Lana Mawlood

For over two million years, mankind has been harnessing the materials around us to optimise our lives. Sure, we’ve come a long way since the first stone cutters of our ancestors, but the principle still stands that “you are as good as the tools you use.” Knowing where to invest in the latest innovations is a form of self-investment that yields better habits, a clearer mind, healthier body and ultimately a productivity that is key to entrepreneurial development.

Now, innovation in artificial intelligence has exponentially multiplied possibilities for business leaders and budding entrepreneurs, unlocking efficiencies in a variety of areas of your business.

It would be fair to assume that investment in technology has been put under strain since the economic turn of record-breaking inflation and ongoing supply chain issues. However, according to a qualitative study by Forbes which spoke to business leaders at Inc. 5000, one area where there have been no signs of cutting costs or reigning in expenses is technology. 

Moreover, according to a recent Microsoft study, a resounding 9 out of 10 employees and business decision-makers want more AI tools that automate their daily tasks so they can have more time for intellectually demanding work.

We’ve compiled a list of the best tools and gadgets to streamline and enhance the entrepreneurial process or, in other words, just make life easier.

DESIGN.AI is an AI-powered visual design suite that can help you design a logo, pair colours and fonts, create videos, and perfect images. Of all visual design elements, perhaps none is as important as the logo.

Users of need no previous design experience. Instead, all you need to do is write a few sentences outlining your company and preferred visual style. Within two minutes, the automated Logomaker presents samples from its repository of more than 10,000 icons, whereupon you can customise those you like the most. The styles are then exported along with a brand identity kit, which helps you to select colours and add them to your design palette.

The finished logo is tailorable to all digital and social media platforms, as well as paper products.


Frenz Brainband is reportedly the world’s most accurate, hospital-grade brainband that tracks and stimulates your brain activities. It was developed after eight years of intensive deep tech R&D by scientists from the University of Colorado and now holds 15 patents in machine learning algorithms, materials science and electrical engineering. The cutting-edge smart headband has already won multiple awards for its reliance on deep science, such as bone conduction speakers, to enhance sleep.

The state-of-the-art ‘brainband’ includes features like personalised real-time brain stimulation using results from neurofeedback signals, and emits sounds for specific effects as you fall asleep. Moreover, when awake, bone-conduction speakers and nano-feedback signals help you boost your focus whilst in work mode. The sleek band also gives you enhanced sleep reports, and precisely timed naps.


Another AI-powered gamechanger, Wix generates complete website design and has fast gained a leading position in the web design marketplace with around 200 million users. To those looking for a programme that can do it all, from managing and building web design to rolling out and maintaining your site, this programme can be indispensable.

Users can rely on the AI component of Wix as much or as little as they like: the programme allows you to build a site from scratch or choose from over 500 templates. Moreover, there is an entire marketplace of third-party add-ons to extend the functions of your website, including a logo maker. The programme has been praised for its ease of use – the build tools are drag-and-drop and there is a good range of support from the vendor, as well as from the forums from the user community. Whatever question you have, someone’s dealt with it before.


The ergonomic mouse is admittedly a more humble device alongside the sexy AI innovations on our list, yet is not to be overlooked by business owners and entrepreneurs hard at work on laptops and desktops. Statistics have shown that heavy computer users move their mouse up to 17 miles or 27 km each year, which can result in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury (RSI). Moreover, whilst working on a computer, we often put pressure on the tendons and nerves that go through the underside of the wrist, which have little natural protection from surrounding tissues.

This handy device helps you maintain an upright hand and wrist posture that is more akin to a handshake. It is carefully designed to require less grip strength and force than the traditional counterpart, reducing the pain and fatigue that one suffers after long hours of work.


Perhaps the next step in productivity, the smart watch has garnered appeal for allowing entrepreneurs to take multitasking to the next level and benefiting from personalised health monitoring. Use maps, answer calls, listen to music, keep a track through notes and reminders, set alarms – this is a particularly useful device for business teams which are often moving from A to B and require a streamlined means for staying updated with team members’ progress.


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