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Paymob & GrubTech Partner to Revamp F&B Payment Ecosystem in Egypt

The partnership will see F&B businesses using GrubTech's POS automatically signed up to PayMob.

Egyptian fintech, Paymob, and Dubai-based digital F&B startup, Grubtech, have teamed-up to transform the payment ecosystem for Egyptian restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens. Grubtech’s POS systems are already in use across Egypt and F&B establishments that currently use it will now be automatically signed-up to Paymob, which will allow customers car payments to be processed by the Cairo-based fintech.

The ambitious partnership will look to cover the whole country, as digitisation continues to sweep through Egypt.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Grubtech’s expertise, redefining the traditional payments reconciliation norms for the F&B sector by offering a bundled solution that seamlessly manage restaurants operations and payments from a single platform,” said Islam Shawky, Co-founder & CEO of Paymob.

On the part of Grubtech, they bring experience in modernising operations and payment systems, which many cafes and restaurants across Egypt lack.

“We’ve seen the chaos in the kitchen, and we fixed it using our all-in-one platform. Restaurants who used to wrestle with fragmented solutions and had to grapple with the burden of managing multiple vendors and disjointed data, now experience a massive shift in operational efficiencies and increase in sales,” said Mohamed Al Fayed, Co-founder & CEO of GrubTech. “That will only get better as we combine it with Paymob’s expertise in digital payment solutions.” Add the fact that a recent Visa survey showed that 85% of Egyptians are less likely to use cash for delivery payments, and the partnership comes as a welcome new boost to the digital revolution.

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