Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Velvet Unit: Filkhedma Joins Forces with Al Sagheer Salons to Launch At-Home Salon Services App

From plumbing and carpentry, to nailcare and hair masks, Filkhedma is using its expertise in on-demand at-home services for a new venture with Al Sagheer Salons.

Staff Writer

While the Corona pandemic has seemingly accelerated the kind of digitisation that experts (and sci-fi movies) have predicted for so long, there exists one alternative that few have talked about: at-home services.

For some, the idea of potentially opening your doors to the outside world comes with its own issues, but for many others, it’s certainly preferable to heading to places and establishments that art frequented by hundreds of people.

The latest venture to follow this path is Egypt’s Velvet Unit, a beauty salon service that comes as a collaboration between home services marketplace, Filkhedma, and the country’s biggest name in beauty, Al Sagheer Salons.

As the first service of its kind in Egypt, Velvet Unit isn't a direct response to life in a pandemic, but one that tries to save on a precious thing called time - something that is often at a premium in the beauty field. Velvet Unit's range of services include everything from hair treatments, hair colouring and nail care, to waxing and threading, all of which are offered through an app, available on Android and iOS.

The collaboration is the perfect marriage of Al Sagheer Salon’s reputation and resources with the framework that has made Filkhedma such a resounding success since launching in 2014. While the startup's expertise has lay in services such plumbing, carpentry and appliance repair, this new venture certainly hasn’t come out of the blue and touches on a trend that has been quietly building.


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