Wednesday July 17th, 2024
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Techne Summit Returns with Hybrid On-Ground/Virtual Edition

Set to be held this November, the unique hybrid edition of the entrepreneurial get-together is paving the way for a new kind of event in a post-Corona world.

Staff Writer

With COVID-19 putting a halt to events, many have taken proceedings online, paving the way for a possible future where virtual events are a normal, viable option, if not the norm in general. As we head down the rocky road to normalcy, however, Techne Summit is hosting its next event both virtually and on-ground.

Taking place between November 7th and 9th in Egypt’s northern town of Alexandria, the industry agnostic, international entrepreneurship event has been one of the principal annual summits in Egypt, banding together professionals and stakeholders from a myriad of industries in the Mediterranean region. 

We are running this year's event in a hybrid mode,” Tarek El Kady, founder and CEO of Techne inc. and founder and chairman of Alex Angels, tells Startup Scene. “So, speakers will be coming in physically and virtually, and so can attendees.” 

Techne’s been renowned for matchmaking and connecting the startup community, a playground for founders, investors, business connoisseurs and government officials to exchange knowledge and experiences. “We've been focused on tech and tech-enabled startups since we started the summit. About two or three years in, we decided that the tracks hone in on industries as a whole rather than only tech solutions within them. That way we can spotlight the best and brightest from each industry, while also bolstering its tech abilities. What we try to achieve in our events is to explore how early stage startups or businesses industries can enable latest technologies to grow and scale, while connecting the startup community pillars,” said El Kady.

The event’s unique hybrid edition could well become a benchmark for other entrepreneurial summits for how to maneuver social distancing, while not compromising activities. In fact, Techne is introducing new tracks, despite the experimental nature of this coming edition.

“One of the new highlights this year is the introduction of two new tracks: Sports Tech track and Gaming track. We're looking forward to exploring and bringing over new players to the ecosystem from all over the world to talk about very exciting topics and experiences.”

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