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UAE Signs Deal with Spain to Accelerate Adoption of Advanced Tech

UAE’s Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology has signed an MoU with Spain’s Ministry of Science & Innovation that will see the establishment of joint R&D projects, knowledge-sharing and more.

The United Arab Emirates' Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has signed an MoU with Spain's Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI), where over the next three years the two nations will develop a cooperative relationship in technological advancement and integration of industry 4.0 tech.

Through the partnership, both parties will look to bridge the industrial and academic sectors, and it’s hoped that the technology shared will contribute to the countries' health sciences, transport and logistics capabilities and space systems, including the launch of small-scale satellites and the development of commercial flight. The partnership will also look to establish joint research and development (R&D) projects, the joint industrial clusters, knowledge, intellectual property and capability exchange protocols and licensing arrangements.

“This MoU lies at the core of the Ministry's objective of improving industrial and building new economic sectors through the adoption and deployment of industry 4.0 technologies and fostering strong R&D partnerships," Emirati Minister of State for Advanced Science, Sarah Al Amiri, said. "Through our work with the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, we will build long-lasting, in-country value by collaborating on national priority sectors, enhancing our competitiveness, and further accelerating our economic diversification efforts as we foster a knowledge-based economy supported by advanced technology.”

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