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Is Your Startup Low on Publicity? Visit A PR Clinic at RiseUp Summit 2019

RiseUp partners with Publicist Inc to provide startups with experience-backed advice on PR. Apply before November 30.

An effective and engaging communications strategy is one of the most crucial parts of developing a startup. It helps to present yourself and your startup to investors, media, and the public in the best way possible. That's why RiseUp has partnered up with Publicist Inc. to offer uniquely tailored communication strategies and public relations consulting services to eight start-ups attending #RiseUpSummit19.

Publicist Inc. is Egypt's go-to-agency for any stakeholder aiming to tap into the local entrepreneurship ecosystem - be it startups, investors or corporates. They're much like a PR startup for startups, with years of experience spent working alongside various industry-leading accelerators, incubators, investors, and up-and-coming startups. Using their distinctively comprehensive market insight, the clinic's PR gurus will help you polish and streamline your company profile, while working hand-in-hand to develop communications and PR strategies to ensure a prominent position for your startup to thrive in the market. 

"In layman's terms, this means a Publicist Inc. consultant will help startups understand what they need to do in order to better position themselves in the market and how to adequately communicate with the press, investors and other stakeholders about their company," says Gehad Hussein, Senior PR Consultant at Publicist Inc.

The clinic will dedicate 30 minutes to each startup that registers, starting from 3:30-7:30 pm on Saturday, December 7th. The startups should expect to leave with a preliminary communication plan on what they need to do in order to effectively position themselves in the market and highlight their value proposition. Additionally, if a soft copy of their company profile is provided, the PR experts at Publicist Inc. will make sure it is edited for content that is clear, concise and appealing to their specific target audience.

"So we speak the same language, and we're offering startups and other organisations within the ecosystem to tap into our corporate comms expertise and enable them to position and differentiate themselves," explains Hussein.

According to a report by the National Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations (NPDPR), public relations has played a significant role in shaping the nation's progress in adapting new media strategies, as well as the Egyptian ecosystem's ability to nurture and unlock new talent and business ideas. Statistics show that the revenue stream in the global public relations industry is expected to hit a whopping $20 billion by 2020.

In the early stages of a startup's life, it's important to define the exact objectives that should be communicated to each stakeholder in the startup's cycle – be it investors, consumers, clients or talent. As a next step, this knowledge helps with setting a branding and marketing strategy and defining the right channels to reach the target audiences. Being an up-and-coming startup comes with a variety of challenges, and this is the optimal time to do that as it helps with moving forward and understanding what one's value proposition is, based on which your position in the market is established. As a PR firm, knowing what does and does not merit media presence further fulfills the goal of effectively telling your story, building brand awareness and reaching select target audiences, as well as increases credibility in the competition against big companies and corporations. 

This is only a speckle of dust in the galaxy of benefits provided by this year's RiseUp Summit, where like-minded emerging entrepreneurs meet to exchange information, polish their disruptive business ideas, and be a part of Egypt's historical landmarks in the business-field.

If you want to be one of the eight startups making their way to the ever-growing Egyptian ecosystem, apply here.

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