Wednesday July 17th, 2024
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How Egypt’s Comin is Harnessing Tech to Take Insurance into the Future

Digitisation was seeped into every corner of our lives - but what about insurances? We speak to General Partner of Comin, Roger Zaccar, to find out more about Comin

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It’s become almost a cliche at this point, but in this brave, new, post-pandemic world, the word on everybody’s lips is digitalisation. It’s, of course, not a completely alien concept. For years, we’ve been able to harness tech to order food easily or to book appointments with a doctor. 

There’s an argument to be made that it all comes down to convenience, but when you put insurance into the equation, things take on a slightly different form, as one Egyptian insurtech player has found out.

As the latest in a long line of insurance products from the Zaccar family, Comin has arrived as a unique new way to take out the many inconveniences that have historically been part and parcel of the insurance process. No longer will you have to book a physical appointment with an insurance broker and negotiate over the fine details in a stuffy office. As an app, Comin allows you to browse and buy as easily as you would choose your dinner or order a taxi - which is revolutionary in itself. 

For General Partner of Comin, Roger Zaccar, insurance has, for far too long, remained untouched and unphased by innovation and now is the right time for Comin to stake its claim in an insurtech sector that’s still forming itself, as we found out when we sat down with him at Comin’s Cairo headquarters.


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