Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Kuwaiti Automotive Startup Motery Brings Car Retail and Maintenance Services Online

Kuwaiti entrepreneurs Mohammad Al Abdulsalam and Abdullah Al Ateeqi set out to enhance the user experience when it comes to any and everything involving car retail and maintenance.

Staff Writer

The automotive retail experience is already a whirlwind from a consumer standpoint: from car purchases to later maintenance, one can’t help but feel lost in the world of car dealerships, service check-ups and inevitable repair.

Riding the slowly-but-surely booming wave of the online automotive industry is Kuwaiti startup Motery. The app streamlines the entire process by having a platform dedicated to centralising car dealerships, agencies and service providers – all under one app.

Motery licences over 43 car dealerships and 75 car maintenance agencies through its app, that offer a variety of features such as booking test drive appointments, service check-ups such as car wash or repair, the ability to reserve and buy a new car or hail a tow truck. All these features are available for users to opt between door-to-door or visiting the nearest facility.

Founded in 2019 by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs Mohammad Al Abdulsalam and Abdullah Al Ateeqi, with Abdulsalam coming from an industrial engineering background and Al Ateeqi from the banking industry, Motery was meant to provide a seamless solution to those who fear the automotive industry experience is a clunky and daunting one.

According to Al Abdulsalam, the user experience is at the forefront of their priorities. The app offers exclusive benefits such as car protection, exclusive rates on car prices and the ability to browse car options from the myriad of brands available through Motery, which allows users to compare thoroughly between cars.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also affected Motery, but for the better. “We’ve actually had a lot of first timers download the app, who have since purchased their cars or utilised one of the many services we offer. Despite the current Coronavirus crisis, our sales are good,” Al Abdulsalam tells Startup Scene.

It might’ve helped that e-commerce has been steadily one the rise since the outbreak, and Kuwait is no exception. The Gulf country has seen rising figures in the amount of online shopping, compared to before the outbreak, in both everyday needs such as groceries and essentials, as well as entertainment. “Online shopping still does face a trust issue with many consumers in Kuwait,” added Al Abdulsalam. “But recently that mindset has started to shift by people leaning more into the phenomenon of e-commerce as a safe and easy method that is especially necessary in times like this.”

Motery is available to download now on iOS and Android.


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