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This Egyptian Eco-Friendly Startup Is Creating Plastic-Free Natural Toiletries

We speak with Nour AbdelGawad, the entrepreneur behind OOZE.

Browsing through Facebook, Nour Abdel Gawad was looking for ways to decrease her carbon footprint and make better choices for the environment. As a seasoned tree hugger and beauty enthusiast, she was also in dire need for local organic and eco-friendly hair and skincare products. Since her Facebook browsing was in vain, Abdel Gawad made the choice to limit her personal usage of plastic and allowed her love for the environment to be a part of her entrepreneurial journey while launching Ooze.

From shampoo, conditioner, to body and face wash, Ooze's products are environmentally-friendly, made out of 100% natural, non-artificial ingredients emphasizing on the importance of sustainability.

“Our main aim is to offer eco-friendly products with reasonable prices, excellent quality and plastic-free packaging, with a concept to find alternatives for plastic while staying on budget, as well as raising awareness about the plastic crisis,” Ooze’s founder tells Startup Scene.

Although there might be quite a few natural product providers in the region, Ooze stands out as one of the only brands that opted to eliminate the need for plastic usage in the packaging of their products. After pairing up with leading Egyptian natural product supplier Harraz to manufacture the products using their factory, Abdelgawad was able to make a deal and fulfill her vision for a healthier, naturally efficient future.

The Egyptian market currently encompasses a variety of natural products, from essential oils to locally-sourced beauty products, but most companies take nature’s gifts for granted, barely giving anything back to the environment. “This is what makes Ooze different, we take goods from nature, and we try to pay it back as much as we can,” states Abdel Gawad.

The self-funded startup is on the verge of launching their first line of essential products that include an all-natural shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, as well as body gel and face wash. For Abdel Gawad, the making of the products was not as easy as it seemed to be at first. Nevertheless, she persisted on creating an excellent product that aligns with her values; “We tried different formulas to find the product that would match all hair types, which allowed for the creation of our hair mask bar that is made of butter,” reveals Abdel Gawad.

The startup’s efforts don’t stop there. Ooze plans to expand their range of products and introduce new, innovative ideas that preserve the environment whilst taking advantage of its benefits. Ooze aims to collaborate with similar businesses to spread awareness of the plastic ban movement by hosting workshops on how to recycle plastic and minimise plastic consumption, and ultimately create more opportunities for individuals seeking to introduce a healthier option into their homes.

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