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This Egyptian Startup Is Engaging Window Shoppers in Europe’s Busiest Shopping Streets

In this episode of Behind The Startup, we go behind the scenes of homegrown tech startup Argineering that after getting accelerated at Flat6Labs Cairo, winning first place in CBC’s Hona Al Shabab and RiseUp, flew to make waves in London.

One day, long-life friends David Erian and Islam Galal reunited in Aswan coffeeshop in El-Korba, spoke about one another’s experience after finishing their masters in Paris. Infatuated with arts and culture, Erian threw a suggestion at Galal to launch a startup that would combine both their love for arts and their knowledge in robotics. “So, I said, why not? And here we are,” Galal tells Startup Scene.

As Erian likes to describe it, Argineering is a startup that combines art with engineering – hence the name Ar-gineering. Aiming to create interactive experiences between shops and window-shoppers, Argineering unveiled its first product RG Kit in 2018, which empowers shop owners and artists with tools to design their own interactive window setup. They’re building on the RG Kit, dressing it up in AI and adding data analytics feature to give shop owners more insights. 

"After developing the product, we started searching for the most up-to-date market in the field of advertising in stores, fairs, and showrooms," Erian tells Startup Scene. "The most acknowledged and developed market in that field was London, England."

About to close its seed round with 500 startups, Argineering has already secured clients like Selfridges, Ted Baker, and London Science Museum in its portfolio. With its application pending in the US Patent and Trademark Office, “RG Kit” is getting more and more popular in Europe being used in a total number of 50 stores in England, Switzerland, and Italy.


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