Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Zedny: How This E-Learning Startup is Localising Global Knowledge to Empower Arabic Speakers

We speak to the founding team behind of Zedny, the Middle East’s latest and most robust e-learning platform, about their vision to empower businesses and individuals alike, by speaking their language.

Staff Writer

“When the youngest girl, in the poorest village in the Middle East or Africa, is able to log in to Zedny and learn, and because of those skills, she can find an outsourced job, so she can make money from home… I think it is then that we have truly succeeded,” says Basil Khattab, Co-Founder and CEO of Zedny tells StartupScene. The noble mission to educate and thus empower Arabic speakers is central to the e-learning startup’s business model, which sees professional development courses produced entirely in-house, and made available - and more importantly affordable - to both individuals and businesses.

Launching with more than 500 hours of course content, ranging from marketing to sales to management, Zedny is already on its way to becoming the most robust Arabic-language e-learning platform. “The experiences of countries that have been able to transform its education sector always start with the localisation of science. Wherever the knowledge originally came from, the first step is translating it to the local language, then you can start enhancing the learning techniques,” explains Mohammed El Gebaly, VP of Business Development and Intelligence.

Using AI to track progress and recommend learning paths, Zedny partners with corporate clients to customise curriculums for their needs, while individual users can subscribe for full access to the catalogue of courses and related content for just 199 EGP monthly. “Our vision is to revolutionise, personalise, and gamify the learning experience for everyone,” adds Khattab.




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