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5 Insanely Tempting Beachside Co-working Spaces in the Middle East

From small Egyptian hippie towns to camps in the crystal-clear Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia, we've rounded up five MENA co-working spaces right on the beach.

"The power of we achieves infinitely more than the power of me." We've all heard and know the quote; but the firm belief in such a powerful saying is what led co-working spaces to mushroom across the MENA region, where ideas bounce off from one entrepreneur to another, networks expand and stress is eased. Yes, stress; building a startup can be a bumpy ride at times, but with a supportive community who is experiencing a similar journey, the ride gets much smoother. Now imagine having this support network and physical space  overlooking the most beautiful beaches in the Arab world. Seeking some sea breeze and magnetising scenery, we've rounded up five magical co-working spaces on the beach that will keep you on cloud nine. 

1. CoworkInn, Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, located on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is known for its peacefulness, mindfulness and tranquility, so imagine working in this uplifting realm. Connecting freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, CoworkInn is creating an open-minded community that supports each other. Offering more than just unlimited wifi and meeting rooms, this co-working space has its own pool, hammock-filled and beanbag-stacked cozy areas, and frequently organises cool retreats and workshops, like the nomadic film camps.

2. G Space, El Gouna, Egypt

The newly opened G Space promises to be this summer season's hit in Egypt. Filled with hammocks, artistic murals, and a fountain-amphitheatre - it was designed by one of Egypt's most forward-thinking interior designers, Ramzy Makram Ebeid - the space boasts closed offices, a number of workstations and a snack area. But that’s not all; because relaxation is key here, they have a few lazy boys and a bicycle rental station at the main entrance. This co-working space has plans to add an outdoor dog-friendly area, an entertainment section and a more laid-back working zone.3. CoZi, Djerba, Tunisia

In Tunisia's magical island of Djerba lays a co-working cafe overlooking the mesmerising Gulf of Gabes. Titled CoZi, the co-working space was born with the mission to make youth more collaborative, offering a luminous and comfortable area to create and learn in the company of others. Its basic package only costs 10 Tunisian Dinars per day, yet there are special monthly offers for its loyal customers.

4. Sun Desk, Taghazout, Morocco

The breathtaking view of Taghazout and the ocean alone are enough to keep you mellowed out. Not only is this a co-working space for digital nomads, but also a co-living community for people who need a cozy accommodation. Located in a picturesque fishing village on the Moroccan Mediterranean cost, the site is perfect to take a workation, whether you want to catch some waves, walk through Argan trees or enjoy a relaxing steam bath.

5. Coworking Camp, across preselected Mediterranean cities

In an effort to escape the cold European winter, this six-week camp was created for entrepreneurs to bounce off startup ideas and make meaningful connections. The camps are organised by Coworking Salzburg, who chooses different Middle Eastern countries - from Tunisia to Turkey - to settle down, from three to six weeks. Gathering in a four-star hotel in a Mediterranean city with accessibility to an abundance of outdoor activities, this temporary co-working space combines an alluring view, with an inspiring community and a fully-equipped office.

Main Photo by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.

Photographer: Amr Medhat.  

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