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Amazon’s Honeycode Makes It Possible for Anyone to Be an App Developer

Amazon Web Service’s new app-building platform lets you develop your own web and mobile apps without any coding experience.

For those of us with little or no coding know-how, of which there are many, venturing into creating an app without the help of a specialist is not only elusive— it can seem impossible. But that all seems to be looking up, as Amazon Web Services have announced the beta launch of Amazon Honeycode, a new development tool that requires no or very little coding skills to operate. In essence, the tool makes it possible for virtually anybody to build their own application.

The tool came as a result of increasing demand for applications, which the current capacity for developers can’t withstand. To make matters easier for users, Honeycode is a ‘no-code tool’ that will even provide templates for common use cases, including to-do list apps, customer trackers, surveys, schedules, and inventory management— tasks many businesses and individuals currently use spreadsheets or third-party apps for, that are often not design for the specific tasks we tend to use them for.

Using Honeycode is free so long as your application is used by 20 people or less, after which the price goes up per user and for the storage the application takes up.

As for navigating the tool itself, Honeycode uses a spreadsheet view to simplify matters for its users. “Builders,” as the tool calls Honeycode users, can set up notifications, reminders, and approval workflows as well.

The Honeycode database can scale up to 100,000 rows per workbook, meaning that users can dedicate their energy to building their application without paying attention to the underlying infrastructure.

As of right now, Honeycode has only launched in the United States, but is due to launch in other regions soon.

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