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AlMakinah Receives $20,000 Grant For Their All-Women Coding Programme

The generous fund provided by P&G through the World Economic Forum would provide a total of EGP 41,000 for a participant who completes both GearUp and FireUp.

AlMakinah is back with its second installment of their all-women inclusive coding programme, supported by a sum of $20,000 provided by P&G Global and the World Economic Forum.

Applications are currently open for the next programme, Gearup Women Edition 2019, which will take place on the 18th of January 2019. Over weekends for two months, 15 women will learn the basics of front-end web development and build their first responsive static website, on a full scholarship. Additionally, they will be attending sessions on professional development, and network with other professional women role models in the field.

Moreover, out of those 15 women, seven women will get the chance to continue after GearUp to attend the FireUp programme, which is worth EGP 36,200 and is set to begin March 2019 in Cairo’s Urban Station. Accordingly, women who attend both programmes will get the opportunity worth EGP 41,000 fully funded.

FireUp participants will be attending daily lessons for 12 weeks, deeply diving into full stack web development bootcamp. A variety of advanced-level programming languages are part of this extensive curriculum, which is taught by leading industry experts.  Upon completing the 600-hours programme, several job opportunities are provided by hiring partners. This is an opportunity for attendees, as no previous knowledge about programming is required before enrolling into the programmes, and upon graduation receive job opportunities with salaries beginning at EGP 5,500 monthly. The generous fund provided by P&G through the World Economic Forum would provide a total of EGP 41,000 for a participant who completes both GearUp and FireUp.

In the summer of 2017, AlMakinah launched its first all-women codingprogramme named GearUp: Women Edition. The programme was geared to rebrand the male-oriented coding industry, and to encourage gender diversity amongst web developers. 16 young women, aged between 15 and 34 attended the programme to launch their journey in the field of web development.

Several of the previous attendees had expressed the need for financial support, and were accordingly provided partial scholarships by Expand, Access To Knowledge For Development, and the International Development Research Centre.

Despite numerous supporting funds, morefinancial support was required, and accordingly AlMakinah and Global Shapers Giza and Cairo Hubs started a campaign to generate more funds using the hashtags #TenForTech and #YouCodeGirl.

The programme was a major game-changer for many of the attendees. “Attending AlMakinah’s GearUp Women Edition was honestly one of the best experiences I have had,” says 18-year-old Salma Khalil, one of the alumni from GearUp Women Edition 2017. “Not only did I learn about the language of the future, I also had the privilege to speak to some amazing women in the industry, and learned so much about being a female entrepreneur by some outstanding and successful role models.”:  

To apply, click here.

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