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Amazon’s PAYFORT Launches Partnership with Government of Ajman on AjmanPay

The partnership will expand AjmanPay’s facilities to provide various payment options including credit and debit cards, installments and digital wallet features.

PAYFORT, an Amazon company, has announced a partnership agreement with the Government of Ajman, UAE, which will be aimed at extending the payment options currently available at the emirate’s unified payment e-gateway, AjmanPay. 

Paving the way for the merging of payment interfaces across government channels and enhancing them, the partnership will enable users to conveniently pay for all government services via a single gateway. AjmanPay will offer a variety of suitable options, including the use of local and international, credit and debit cards, or the use of selected digital wallets.

“Our technology will empower AjmanPay to offer value-added services for government customers by enabling debit and credit card payments, payments via digital wallets, and easy installment plans in an automated and innovative way,” says Omar Soudodi, Managing Director of PAYFORT.

This year’s launch of AjmanPay is part of the Government of Ajman’s commitment to adopt most innovative digital solutions to meet the expectations and needs of its citizens, residents, and investors. The smart payment gateway will be one of many new digital initiatives that will allow government customers to conduct many government-related transactions without having the need to physically visit a government centre, all while reducing the operational burdens of the current paper-based services delivery model.

The Government of Ajman will also utilise PAYFORT as a payment provider service within the AjmanPay online portal and mobile app to offer a pay-via-installment services that is supported by the majority of top issuing banks in the UAE to benefit government customers.

On this occasion, His Excellency Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, General Director of Ajman Department of Finance affirmed the department’s intention to reflect the vision of Ajman Government 2021, “by adopting best practices and institutional mechanisms to contribute to the improvement of the work system, to serve national objectives and enhance the confidence of partners in various local governmental sectors,” explains Al Ali.

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