Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Anghami Combines a Unique UI with a Festive UX for a Fusion of Spirituality and Tech during Ramadan

The music streaming platform has used the holy month to create an all-new festive user experience.

Staff Writer

Never before have people been so justifiably reliant on their phones. Between the pandemic and Ramadan, the importance of the user experience to any app is critical. It's simple. If the consumer isn't satisfied with one app, they have all day (at least, before iftar) to find another that knows how to speak to them ⁠— that has bothered to learn their language and shower them with familiar symbols.

Demonstrating this principle in a way that's most appropriate to the times is the 'Live Ramadan with Anghami' initiative, where the regional music platform took on a number of features specially made for the holy month. This begins before you even enter the app the icon is redesigned to show stars and a moon signalling that Ramadan is here. 

Of course, it's not just about the dressing. Anghami has examined the data, and saw that around Ramadan, interest in religious/non-musical content skyrockets. Some people don't even listen to any music for the full month. As such, this year, Anghami created an Explore page that contained only Ramadan content, including religious Islamic content, educational content pertinent to the season, and cooking and fasting tips. Muslim users also have the option of subscribing to Juz', readings of the Quran that are recited by the Qarii’ of your choice, one for each day of the month. The app also notifies the user of when it's time to listen to that day's Juz'.

“We wanted our users to enjoy our apps during Ramadan in the most beneficial way possible,” Wael Hourani, product manager at Anghami, tells StartupScene. “Adding religious features next to series soundtracks transforms the app to their spiritual and entertainment companion during the whole holy month. We chose to use oriental patterns and a night colours palette to express the serenity of Ramadan directly on our apps' explore page.”

By observing user trends and adjusting the UI to fit with their habits, Anghami has managed to turn what would otherwise be an especially difficult Ramadan in quarantine into a natural, cohesive experience. 


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