Thursday July 18th, 2024
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At Work Business Lounge: Work Spaces with Laid-Back Cafe Feel in Cairo

Working out of the office needn't mean noisy cafes or stuffy co-working spaces. Cairo's At Work' takes only the best of both.

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That cafe down the street isn't actually your office. We understand that you would like it to be. Believe us, we've been there. You get to tap into your flow and burn through your to-do list like it's a scented candle. Still. It's not your office. You rarely find a table that can accommodate both your laptop and your cup of coffee. Plus, if a group of college kids come in to recreate a particularly distracting scene from 'Friends' you're going to have to sit there and take it. That shrill hipster girl is well within her right to sing 'Smelly Cat', productivity be damned. You need someplace that's more than a cafe... and for that matter, more than an ordinary co-working space.

Located at TWELVE by the Platform in Sheikh Zayed, west of Cairo, 'At Work Business Lounge' brings you well-designed open spaces for work, alongside a premium food and beverages repertoire that proves you truly can have your cake and eat it too. On the business side, you have flexible areas that could morph into closed meeting spaces, with high-speed WiFi, a colour printing station, and access to the Hi-Tec app to digitize your work. The whole concept is catered to local businesses, startups and freelancers with its laid back, vibrant atmosphere.And speaking of catering, 'At Work Business Lounge' comes with an in-house bakery range, a variety of signature dishes, and of course no office is complete without House Blend coffee. That’s right - no matter how late you wake up and rush to the office, you can have an actual breakfast at work! No more greasy package croissants from the kiosk - you can serve yourself at the best high floor terrace in Sheikh Zayed, and they don’t even charge per set or table for it. Just sit and pay for your own food. Why can’t everything at work be that simple?

To learn more about 'At Work Business Lounge', you can visit their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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