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Dubai's Crowd Analyzer Acquires TaskSpotting to Capitalise on User-Generated Content

Content created by everyday consumers are 60% more engaging in comparison to that of a popular influencer... and that's why Crowd Analyzer decided to bring TaskSpotting on board.

Dubai-based and Egyptian-led data intelligence provider, Crowd Analyzer, recently acquired the peer-to-peer marketing platform Task Spotting; "an exciting beginning to 2020 where we aim to continue offering our clients an even deeper understanding of audience, allowing brands now to capitalise on user generated content," says Crowd Analyzer's CEO and Co-founder Ahmed Saad.

TaskSpotting is also a Dubai-based startup that connects brands with everyday consumers, triggering word of mouth marketing and creating a buzz on social media, thus helping brands increase their market share, drive their sales and improve their brand perception. Active across 14 markets in the MENA region and South and East Asia, the new partnership also unlocks unchartered territories when it comes to capitalising on social media marketing.

Established commercially since 2016, Crowd Analyzer specialises in Arabic-focused social media monitoring, analysing content and conversations for sentiment, relevance and Arabic dialects using groundbreaking technology, including AI, proprietary machine learning and natural language processing. In the pyramid of influence, TaskSpotting focuses on the bottom of the pyramid, the nano-influencers. Their clients trade-off overall reach for authenticity, relevance, and trust. The content created by everyday consumers for these TaskSpotting’s brands has a 60% higher rate of engagement and is three times more trusted than content created by a popular influencer.

“Our resources empower companies to shape the social media conversations and embrace brand advocacy through word-of-mouth from people consumers trust, their friends and family," says Dirk Stevens, co-founder and CEO of TaskSpotting. "This offering fits seamlessly into Crowd Analyzer’s area of expertise which provides insights into brand perception. We are excited to be part of Crowd Analyzer’s expansion in the MENA region and beyond.”


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