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Dubai’s InstaShop to Introduce New Bulk-Buying Option

The new feature could be a game-changer that will impact everything from physical space limitations, to value for money for buyers.

Already a leader in the q-commerce (quick commerce) sector across MENA, Dubai-based InstaShop has announced that it is set to move into the bulk-buy market. The new facet of their offerings will allow customers to bulk-buy at discounted rates, with some sourced directly from partners, the most notable of which is Uniliver.

The bulk-buying element will be dispatched from micro-fulfilment centres, the first of which will be established in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers. To facilitate the process of these centres, InstaShop has said that it will introduce new technology to support them.

“Most of our partner shops are unable to store large e-commerce items due to physical space limitations,” said John Tsioris, CEO of InstaShop. “The delivery of such items is often a challenge as well, since most retailers deliver by foot, car or motorbike. To cover this gap and make sure InstaShop users can satisfy all their grocery needs on our platform, we have identified that the delivery of bulky products at a discount is of importance.”

Having launched back in 2015, InstaShop’s same-day delivery quickly won it plenty of fans across the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon. It also gained a particularly big fan in Berlin’s Delivery Hero, which acquired InstaShop earlier this year in a $360 million deal.  

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