Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Dubai's Jabbar Brings A New Child Into The World: Kambio Ventures

Expected to launch next summer, the launch of Kambio Ventures is the new addition to the UAE's Jabbar’s arsenal, with orders to rattle the financial services sector.

Staff Writer

Kambio Ventures is Emirati Jabbar’s newly-bred child, a child dead set on dominating the essence of the blockchain sector. Jabbar is a leading technological investment company, with several exits to its name. Kambio Ventures promises to make the entire startup investment ordeal that of a simple one, a secure, intuitive, efficient and instant journey, a new twist to the outdated venture capital that is currently operating. 

"The current venture capital operating model is complicated and appears outdated - arguably underwhelming both entrepreneurs and investors alike," says Samih Toukan, founder of Kambio Ventures, and a partner in Jabbar. "Both are facing a continuous struggle to secure liquidity, with very long exit cycles. Kambio will be an intuitive, secure, fast, efficient and a regulated ecosystem which will transform the way startups operate." Expected to launch next summer, the Kambio platform merely awaits regulatory approvals. Event though this is Jabbar’s first time testing the blockchain waters, with their unprecedented track record, it comes as no surprise that Kambio Ventures is nevertheless set to take the world by storm. 

Starting out in Dubai, Jabbar has guided many companies to the their apogees, such as to Yahoo in 2009. Jabbar also saw as wellb take fight into the wings of Amazon just last year. They mostly cover the MENA region with currently investments including Blueground, Democrance, ArabiaWeather, Hopscotch and Officerock, just to name a few. Lead by Chairman Samih Toukan and President Hussam Khoury, Kambio is gearing up to be the "next-generation's blockchain enabled and fully-regulated marketplace" for tokenised asset-backed securities.  

“The current security token space is nascent, with fundamental jigsaw pieces still missing, including: liquidity management; custody; legal framework; and ownership structure," says Louay Aldoory, the co-founder of Kambio Ventures. “Kambio plans to fill those gaps and remove unnecessary middle men, all within a secure and regulated environment – revolutionising both venture capital and capital markets.” 

“The application of blockhain technologies will help redefine many industries as we know them today, in particular financial services,” says Jabbar's President and Partner at Kambio, Hussam Khoury. Investors and entrepreneurs will find solace in the regulated environment promised by Kambio ventures, one that makes the process more durable, with advancements though active participation, knowledge-sharing and access to dedicated local research and resources.



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