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Dubai’s Online Marketplace Seafood Souq Pairs Up with Emirates SkyCargo for Better Delivery

Emirates Skycargo have entered into a partnership with Seafood Souq to transport their seafood shipments rapidly from source markets to customers.

Dubai-based startup and online marketplace Seafood Souq pairs up with the freight division of Emirates, which is known as Emirates SkyCargo to deliver a transparent and efficient sourcing of seafood. A shipment was received on Friday 6th that contained a batch of salmon heading to Dubai from Glasgow for restaurants and consumers in the UAE, marking the launch of the partnership between the two companies.

“The core aim of Seafood Souq is to provide access to fresh products in the quickest possible time by connecting customers to suppliers and allowing produce to be dispatched on the day that the order is received. Working with Emirates SkyCargo was the naturally obvious choice for us because of the network and frequency of flights offered by them,” says Sean Dennis, CEO and co-founder of Seafood Souq. “They also have the cool chain infrastructure and capabilities that allows seafood to retain its freshness during the journey,” he adds.

Seafood Souq has created an online B-to-B marketplace application that helps seafood buyers obtain desired products from all over the world. Not only the application streamlines the traditional model of sourcing seafood, the application also allows for top quality traceability and tracking of produce being imported, which means mistakes such as mislabeling and expiry of seafood are less likely to happen.

Emirates Skycargo has entered into a partnership with Seafood Souq to transport their seafood shipments rapidly from source markets to customers. The operation’s main focus is on delivering fresh seafood from markets like Norway, Cyprus, USA, Chile and Scotland to customers in the UAE and the greater MENA region, but the startup has plans to take advantage of Emirates SkyCargo’s global network to reach a higher potential.

“We are excited to be working with Seafood Souq and to be supporting an innovative Dubai-based startup having the potential to transform the supply chain for the seafood industry, Our Emirates fresh products is designed for the rapid and efficient transport of seafood and other perishables. With our modern aircraft and other equipment, we are well positioned to support Seafood Souq as they continue to grow,” explains Dennis Lister, VP of Commercial Cargo Development Emirates.

Emirates Skycargo currently uses cargo hold capacity in Emirates’ fleet of more than 265 aircrafts, including 12 freights and providers air cargo services to over 155 destinations across six continents around the world.

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