Wednesday July 17th, 2024
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Egypt-Based GamesBandy Levels Up With $40K Grant from Taqadam

GamesBandy seeks to address the inherent insecurities and lack of protection of in-game trades between players.

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MENA startup accelerator, Taqadam, has injected a $40,000 grant into Egypt-based gaming marketplace GamesBandy, four months after the company received Seed funding from Flat6Labs and Tamkeen.

Taqadam has also committed to guiding and developing GamesBandy over the next six months, aiming to help level up its marketplace platform with mentorship, zero-equity funding, and training.

“We are excited and grateful for the funding and grants from Taqadam,” said Abdulrahman Aboshamah, founder of GamesBandy. “Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community.”

Founded in 2020, GamesBandy was designed to combat the insecurities of in-game selling and trading.

In-game trading has followed the growth of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), but players had to be wary of the lack of inherent protection for buyers or sellers, with virtual theft spilling over into real life in the processes of exchanging in-game items for real money.

GamesBandy’s solutions include a safe and secure platform that is both buyer and seller-centric for in-game trading within the MENA region, offering features for trading in-game virtual currencies, items, and entire accounts.

GamesBandy plans to use the new funds to expand its platform in order to support more games, expand geographically, and grow its user base.


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