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Egypt’s Educational Startup Orcas Launches Webinar Series for Kids in Quarantine

From a kid’s edition webinar on how to start a business, to baking with the locally beloved Dara’s Ice Cream, the series offers parents a viable leeway to get their kids mentally stimulated during lockdowns and quarantines.

Orcas, the locally renowned online marketplace that connects parents with tutors and babysitters, is now launching a webinar series dedicated to educating kids on a variety of topics as they’re stuck at home and already glued to their screens.

The series bands together several local experts hosting online tutorials and classes that include How to Start a Business (Kids Edition) by Journey of Entrepreneurship, cooking lessons with Zooba, baking with Dara’s Ice Cream, hip-hop dance classes and Mummy/Daughter Zumba classes with Brass Monkey Studios among others.

Orcas’ pivot to start offering webinars comes due to realising that parents everywhere now have the very real dilemma of keeping their children entertained as they’re homebound for the foreseeable future. “We found that parents were suddenly seeking a completely different type of help. First, they wanted assistance with homework, now they need support with entertainment,” says Zein Abed, Orcas’ Communication Coordinator. “So when we found this being such a recurrent issue, we moved quickly to see how we can use our platform and community.”

Platforms worldwide have taken up the mantle by offering online educational and informative content that mean to not only distract during the coronavirus outbreak, but also make up for the loss of the ability for kids to go to summer school with friends, or pick up new hobbies during quarantines and lockdowns. “What we’re aiming to do is create a platform filled with localised content in both English and Arabic while also allowing the kids to interact with one another rather than just watching a one-sided conversation. It challenges them more and makes them use their creativity and intellect,” Abed adds.

All of the webinars and tutorials are free to access for students so that they’re able to browse all classes and find their best fit. You can check out their full list of classes right here.

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