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Egypt’s Influencer Marketing Startup Trendster Launches Mobile App

The all-hip startup’s new app aims to further promote the rise of influencer marketing in the region.

Egypt’s first influencer marketing platform,, has launched its mobile application on iOS and Android, creating a fresh and revamped experience for influencers in Egypt. The startup, which has been steadily growing since its launch earlier this year, is offering an all-new, smoother online process that enables trendsetting social media enthusiasts to incentivise their hobbies.

The two Cairo-based visionaries behind the company, Ali Ezzat and Clorinda Siag, envision a modern, restructured marketing industry in Egypt and the region where companies will begin to depart from the outdated traditional media by which advertisers inundate inattentive consumers with content on a daily basis. The startup’s platform bridges the gap in demand, connecting brands to influencers with a highly-personalised experience for both ends.

"We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our mobile application on iOS and Android, creating a whole new revamped experience for influencers in Egypt.  The app, which is live, is an exclusive app for bloggers and content creators who want to collaborate with leading brands across Egypt. With a network of 1,000+ influencers across various categories including Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty, Sports, Professionals, and more, the app will help brands create quality content and amplify the reach among their target audiences by leveraging digital influencers," Siag tells Startup Scene.

Through, influencers are able to pick and choose the campaigns they feel best represent their style and personality which their base is already favorably disposed to. Conversely, companies are also able to invite influencers they feel best embody the spirit and character of their brands on their campaigns, thus making such targeted marketing more congenial and efficient. The platform’s simplicity and ease app will inspire more influencers and brands to join the platform and leverage its on-demand marketing services. 

The app’s interface and design provide an outstanding user experience, one all Instagram users can relate to. Now influencers can submit content for approval on campaigns through the app just as they would posting content on Instagram, which is the go-to application that most influencers use. Communication between brands and influencers on the app draws inspiration from Instagram’s direct messaging feature. 

Influencer marketing is expected to rise globally with the increasing popularity of social media and the youth’s growing distaste towards TV and forced advertising, making Trendster among the first startups to leverage these trends, unlocking even greater potential for the influencer marketing industry.

Business mogul Ezzat and prominent influencer-turned-entrepreneur Siag have caught the wave in the Middle East, and applied their expertise to build a platform which would expect more brands to adopt influencer marketing as an effective and essential strategy in the near future.

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