Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Egyptian Agri-Tech Solution Wins IBM Call for Code Competition

The smart agricultural solution aims save millions of lives around the world by saving water.

Staff Writer

The Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge is a worldwide developer competition that seeks technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The programme is supported by the IBM Code and Response™ initiative, a multi-year programme dedicated to creating and deploying open source technologies to tackle the world's biggest challenges. The winning team was comprised of six emerging Egyptian innovators who won the competition for their Smart Irrigation System solution, which aims to save millions of lives around the world by saving water.

"I had a really great experience working with some of the best developers in the region combining a large set of skills that every member has. Competing in such a global competition made us give our best to compete against the best developers around the world, competing for a good reason to help make the world a better place," says Abdelrahman ElMoghazy, team member of the Smart Irrigation System solution.

The Smart Irrigation System puts an Internet-enabled IoT device in every farmer's field to detect moisture levels in the soil. The device predicts exactly when and how much water the crops need and informs the user accordingly. The device also contains machine learning models to detect new crop types and wilting of new crops, being highly adaptable to different geographical locations. 

 “We knew about the Call For Code competition since last year but only decided to join the competition after participating in the IBM code and response hackathon and becoming among the three finalist teams,” adds Elmoghazy.

One of the other finalist teams include Project Cantalopa, which is a project that aims to conserve and manage water usage in times of drought by developing point-based system through a web and mobile-based application. The residents’ water measure meters are linked to their profile, with them benefitting off of awarded points of they keep their water consumption below the recommended level. Then, residents can cash-in on rewards for their good habits with things like vouchers and discounts from partners.

 Project Cantalopa aims to conserve and optimize water usage in times of drought by developing a points system through a website and mobile app. The residents' water meters are tied to their profile and are awarded points if they keep water consumption below a certain level. Residents can cash in on rewards for their good habits with things like vouchers and discounts.


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