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Egyptian Gamechanging Startup Orcas Expands to Alexandria

The pioneering babysitting and tutoring startup has opened its virtual doors in the country's second largest city.

After gaining a sizeable amount of traction over the past few years, Orcas can now cover all your babysitting and tutoring needs in Alexandria, giving our seaside cousins easy access to experienced babysitters and tutors.

Orcas, formerly Cairositters, is a local startup that offers all those in need access to qualified and experienced babysitters, young and motivated tutors and lately, they’ve been offering language learning sessions for child and adult alike, their services are available in Arabic, English, French and German. All you have to do to get started is download the Orcas app, available on Android and iOS and browse the services and partners you want.

Orcas has been making some pretty strong waves since its official 2014 launch, being one of the few fledgling but prominent startups dedicated to cultivating a strong youth employment market as well as shaping the Egyptian EdTech scene for the better. In addition to their forays into combining both VR and education with an 360 demo video contest during last year's RiseUp summit.

Check our Orcas' Facebook page here for more information. You can download the Orcas app for Android here and for iOS here.

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