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Egyptian Petcare Startup Vetwork Launches in Saudi Arabia

Despite the pandemic and an initial wave of skepticism from Saudi vets, the at-home, on-demand petcare platform has made a move that has been a year in-the-making.

At the backend of 2019, Egypt-based petcare startup, Vetwork, scored its seed round and founders Fady Azzouny, Abdelrheem Hussein and Zeinab El Geziry wasted no time in making their intentions clear: to expand into Saudi Arabia.

Nine months and one global pandemic later, the 500 Startups and The Cairo Angels portfolio startup has finally made the move, bringing its on-demand petcare services to one of MENA largest markets.

Vetwork had initially begun operations in Riyadh in 2019, before the Coronavirus laid waste to the founders’ plans for Kingdom-wide expansion. For the founders - all of whom are veterinary doctors - it’s very much a case of better late than never, although, Corona aside, the move wasn’t without its challenges.

“We have been planning to launch in KSA for a year now,” co-founder and CEO, Fady Azzouny, said of the news. “The main issue was onboarding vets and getting them to believe in Vetwork. Once that was done, we launched a new version of the website adapted to the Saudi market.”

In addition, Vetwork also revealed that it intends to introduce new services to its current offerings in September, including grooming, training and boarding.


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