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EntertainTech Startup Starzly Scores Pre-Seed Fund to Connect Fans with Celebrities

Co-helmed by two media industry veterans hailing from a vast experience in the entertainment industry, the startup is the answer to every stan’s biggest dilemma.

Back in the early 2010s, a fan, or to keep it colloquially relevant, a stan would roll the dice every time they tweet at their favourite celebrity. The odds of them acknowledging their existence was actually quite high. Fast forward a few years, and now it’s not quite as simple. So the notion that a whole business venture exists to streamline that strive for your fav’s attention is what we want to talk about. 

For all the times you’ve found yourself overcome with wanting to tell Assala how much her songs meant to you and your friend, Dubai-based Starzly can finally fulfil that niche - but entirely understandable - need. The platform enables users to connect with their favourite stars and have a heart-to-heart, gush about them or just talk about your favourite cereals. Starzly recently closed a pre-seed funding round led by Nama Ventures, with participation from Jabbar Internet Group, Woman Spark and other coveted angel investors. 

The minds behind the startup are two figures that have definitely made the rounds in the global entertainment industry: Badr Kachibal, previously a Creative Director for regional giants such as MBC Group, Shahid and Al Arabiya, and RedOne, the famed Moroccan-Swedish Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and record producer that has worked with mega stars like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and the Backstreet Boys. 

"People are looking for an authentic and unique experience from their favorite celebrities, and Starzly makes it happen. The reviews we are getting, and the happiness that the videos create for people is priceless. Our ambition is to be the go-to-brand for personal shout-outs in the MENA region for entrepreneurs and brands – letting them aim for the moon while exploring the stars," says Badr.

Some of the stars on the platform include actors, TV personalities, singers, athletes, YouTubers and influencers from across the region such as Assala, Carole Samaha, Bassem Youssef, Sherif Nour El Din and Razan Al Moghrabi. For a fee, users can request a specific interaction with the celebrity that’s fulfilled within the week.


"We’re really impressed with the Starzly team,” says Mohammed Alzubi, General Partner of Nama Ventures. “Starzly is exactly what we look for in a preseed opportunity, a complementary founding team that is obsessed with delivering results. The team has deep domain expertise in EntertainTech and has been able to deliver a very engaging platform between superstars and their fans. We are honoured and privileged to be working with the Startzly, learn from them, as well as add value on their high growth journey".

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