Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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European Remote Tech Engineering Platform RemotePlatz launches in Egypt

The Berlin-based Egypt-led platform aims to empower local developers to further tap into the European market.

Staff Writer

RemotePlatz launches its leading remote tech platform to officially start accepting Egyptian talent in software engineering. The platform which aims at connecting Europe-based startups with the top 5% of Egyptian software engineers by offering a great opportunity for top-Egyptian-talent to join a global network of innovators and developers.

As the number of tech specialists and developers rapidly rises in Egypt from one year to the other, the high demand is what RemotePlatz leverages to continue empowering programmers and provide further opportunities that could define the future of tech in Egypt. “Remoteplatz represents the modern solution to talent acquisition using technology. We started Remoteplatz with an aim to transform the lives of software engineers in Egypt by bringing them a set of incredible opportunities including 50-100% higher salary and the opportunity to work alongside a global community of innovators and technology leaders,” says Mohamed Hawass, CEO of RemotePlatz.

Through the platform, developers can request to join a community by creating a profile that sums up their professional skills and technical experience. Developers who pass the clear and transparent assessment and verification processes can officially join the community and start receiving job tasks and opportunities from potential employers.

Established in Berlin in May 2019, Remoteplatz has offices in Cairo and Berlin, with access to thousands of software engineers and technology developers in Egypt through its platform.

“For the first time, Egyptian talents can receive opportunities from international businesses who are in the need of their skills through our platform. We also support their personal and professional growth by providing an environment that motivates and inspired them to become the next generation tech leaders. By the end of 2025, we want to hire 10,000 remote engineers in our community and become Africa’s best tech employer,” says Hawass.

By 2021, the startup aims to launch an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform to automate the recruitment process and help the company remain unique in the digital world.


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