Monday February 26th, 2024
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KSA Edtech Scalers Sets Sights on Expansion Following $533K Seed Round

The startup plans to utilise its new funds to expand its user base and the breadth of its educational offerings.

Menna Shanab

Saudi Arabia-based learning and placement platform, Scalers, has secured $533K in a seed round led by undisclosed angel investors hailing from the fields of recruitment and talent development. The startup plans to utilise its new funds to expand its user base and the breadth of its educational offerings.

Founded in 2020 by Mohammed Alsaeed and Faysal Alghethber, the company has been on a mission to bridge the gap between traditional education and the skills required by employers. Scalers works by identifying high-potential individuals working in sales and business development and then training them with world renowned instructors before connecting them to suitable employers. 

Essentially, Scalers offers a one-stop-shop service to enter the job market, providing eager Saudi talents with the chance to learn from market leaders, grow their network and streamline the hiring process with direct access to customised pre-selected employers. At the same time, employers also benefit from Scalers by having access to a network of trained Saudi talent and the risk-free ‘pay when you hire’ model making it especially lucrative. 

"There is a large market opportunity, as over 300,000 Saudis graduate each year,” said Alsaeed, who also serves as CEO. “Yet, with double-digit unemployment rates, many are in need of additional market-based training that will help them to fill the millions of Saudi private sector jobs expected to be created through Vision 2030. Competency-based learning, which has been growing by 18 per cent annually, can help fill this gap. We're on a mission to ensure that young talents are ready for their dream jobs."

Aside from just training new talent, Scalers also provides an ‘enhance existing workforce’ program that gives employers the power to enroll their employees in Scaler training programs to boost their skillsets. 

Scalers also offers an ‘enhance existing workforce’ programme that allows employers to enrol current employees in Scalers’ training programmes to upskill them in client-facing roles, such as sales and business development.


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