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Kuwait’s Dars Launches New Learning Management System for Pre-Schools & Nurseries

resh off the success of Darisni, Kuwaiti e-learning startup Dars has just announced Bounce - the region’s first mobile-first LMS designed specifically for pre-school education.

Education may be one of many industries the global pandemic took a major toll on, but it’s also proven to be one of the most agile, as educators and innovators across the world quickly built tech-solutions to make sure students didn’t miss out. Dars is one such entity committed to the digital transformation of the education sector, and having already had massive success with award-winning e-learning platform Darisni, the EduTech experts have just announced the launch of Bounce, a learning management system (LMS), designed specifically for pre-schools and nurseries.

Bounce connects educators, school administrators and parents through one comprehensive and accessible platform aims at creating collaborative childcare communities. Designed with mobile use as a priority, the platform facilitates teacher-parent communication, allowing parents to be a part of their child's growth journey. 

"We are very excited to be announcing the official launch of the Bounce LMS system. Since our inception we have worked towards creating products that accelerate the region's shift to digitising learning experiences. We believe that Bounce will bring in a new era of seamless communication between parents and teachers while easing the data management and administrative processes, giving all educational stakeholders more time and space to focus on the child's growth journey," said Noor Boodai, Founder & CEO of Dars.

Bounce’s key feature is its comprehensive dashboard that lets school educators and administrators create a centralised, cloud-based database to process information on enrollment, student records and tuition payments easily. The dashboard also facilitates sending alerts and notifications to parents, and updating them on school events and other activities. Meanwhile, on the parents’ end, the system lets users keep track of their children’s educational progress in realtime, as well as see exactly what goes on inside the classroom with a secure photo and video sharing function.

"We built Bounce to free owners and educators of young children from the burden of administrative tasks and gave them the tools to foster the development of young minds. We use the way people already understand and use digital products (social platforms, chat platforms and video conferencing) to build mobile-first products that take into consideration the needs of the educators, children and parents as well as their development, safety, privacy and well-being," says Alex Barreto, Vice President of Product.

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