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Lebanese Digital Dentistry Startup Basma Scores $3M Seed Funding

The funds will go towards talent-hire and expansion of services across the Arab world.

Lebanese digital dentistry startup, Basma, has raised $3 million in a Series A funding round, propelling their business operations to new heights. The investment round was led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), and saw the participation of venture capital (VC) firms SOSV, IM Capital, iSME, Cedar Muni, and IFA Capital.

Basma uses digitally-equipped clinics to produce quality-care certified invisible teeth aligners to aid moderate cases of teeth crowding and spacing. Replacing the need to visit orthodontists in-person, their process makes things easier and more affordable for patients.

Dr Cherif Massoud, Basma’s Co-Founder and CEO, said that "we believe in a full digital dental workflow and are equipping our network of clinics with all the digital tools necessary to offer accurate and effective treatments. At a click of a button, our users are directly connected to their dentists and orthodontists.”#

“Our advantage and main strength,” he elaborated, “is that we make all of the treatment planning in-house, we listen and take the feedback of the patients, transmit it to our network partner clinics and constantly improve our offering.”

With the new funds, Basma will hire more talent to facilitate its expansion across the Arab world, as well as growing its partnerships with dental clinics in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Gulf countries.

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