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Meet The 17 Startups That Pitched at Falak's Demo Day at The Manial Palace

Good news for Cycle 3 startups!

Falak Startups' Demo Day ended with a bang on April 16th at the Manial Palace, graduating 17 startups in a diversity of industries. They’re now offering up to EGP 1 million in seed funding to startups enrolled in their programme. The new investment size promises to get startups through the first phase of growth and on to the next stages of funding along with the unrivaled support.

Here are the 17 startups that pitched last night. 


A startup co-led by Amr Essam, Islam Ahmed, and Mohamed Abouelftoh, that provides real-time roadside assistance to motorists who have faced car trouble through a user friendly mobile and web application utilising a sharing economy model. Mayday connects motorists in need with service providers in this case tow trucks or car drivers ready to help. MAYDAY offers a range of services to its users all delivered within 30 minutes. 


A startup led by Nada Zaher that provides a service to help young competitive athletes who want to pursue their sport and an education both at a high level by exposing them to the college recruiting process and easing their ability to connect with various college coaches in the United States. Via Pas-sport, athletes will learn about various sports scholarships in the United States, be able to prepare complete athletic or academic profiles, and communicate directly with coaches looking to recruit international talent all on one platform. 


Raseedi is a dialer application dedicated for dual SIM users that helps them save their telecom credit up to five times. This happens through four channels: automatic diversion of call from correct SIM without asking every single time which SIM card to use for outgoing call, a consumption meter that shows you your usage of outgoing calls to each telecom operator, an updated screen with all the new telecom offers, and an monthly Tarriff advisor that tells you which plan to subscribe to for each SIM.


A startup co-led by Abdel-Rahman Ali, Kareem Stohy, and Mohamed Roshdy that sells trusted pre-owned laptops with affordable prices. They also offers extra services beside their products, like installments, warranty plans, different payment methods, and delivery.



A startup co-led by Clorinda Siag and Ali Ezzat levarging on social media influencers. Trendster’s Mission is to connect brands with social media influencers through data and cutting edge technology as well as give them the tools to measure the success of their influencer marketing activities. Their aim is to empower brands with technological tools to adapt and conquer the digital age.


Co-led by Mohamed Abdelaziz, Ibrahim El-Said, and Soha Samy, Digified offers software solution for instant official Arabic documents verification and data extraction using machine learning technology and optical character recognition.


N-ART (Network of Artists) is a mobile application for artists, galleries, and art-lovers to connect and appreciate art. The purpose of the online platform of N-ART is to encourage collaboration, exposure, and networking between and beyond artists. Artists showcase their art experience whether by uploading photos of final products, posing in the studio, or attending art exhibitions. A unique added value is the ease of art lovers and collectors to search for unique pieces by price, medium, color, size, and artistic theme on the mobile app. 


Elegate transforms the dining experience to become cheaper, faster and more fun through digitizing the whole customer experience on Facebook app “chatbot”.


Joudran is the first platform in Egypt and MENA region which matches all construction and decoration parties in one organized platform supported with a market place.


Co-led Mai Shaltout and Mai Aboutaib Our mission would be to use the power of technology in the fashion field;  where you can do all the steps of making a dress online. Darjee make a highly customized experience for each customer, while supporting in choosing the design, the fabric, and style. Also we aspire to give an online platform for Egyptians and refuges dress makers/ embroidery to improve their quality of work and create more job opportunities.


Bypa-ss is an Egyptian healthcare IT startup digitising Healthcare Information Exchange by creating a single digital and physical identity (HealthTag) for each individual that healthcare providers can use and access for saving and exchanging information related to their condition. 


Delta Oil

Delta Oil is building an ecosystem for a thriving biodiesel industry by providing a sustainable and cheap feedstock of used cooking oil to be converted into clean biodiesel. Delta Oil collects used cooking oil from individuals through a network of collection points in which individuals can exchange their used cooking oil for other goods

The Mob

The Mob is an e-commerce platform that seeks to provide customers a unique shopping experience by giving them a user friendly platform, products with affordable prices, fast and easy shipping, excellent packaging and great customer service. At the other end of the platform, The Mob specifically helps handmade creators display and sell their products all over the world through an easy professional platform; by providing them a professional photographer, blog, Low percentage and warehousing.


Faggala.com is an online e-commerce platform that provides a wide variety of products and services that covers the needs of individuals and companies. provides school profiles feature for school student's parents which allows them to get customized school packages based on the school & studying year as well as studying books reservation ability. Faggala.com also covers companies needs through instant quotations & branded stationeries dashboards without wasting time or effort. This platform is named after Faggala Street, the most famous commercial street in Egypt for that industry, to be the seed of digital transformation.


Driven by the belief that successful organizations can thrive only if their workforce is motivated, engaged and productive. Merakido is a B2B Employees’ wellbeing platform that uses gamified, habit-centric programmes that help employees form sustainable habits that contribute to employees physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing, thus increase their overall engagement and PR.


Hood provides a device for users’ cars that is synced with Hood’s mobile application. The app informs the user when an error is detected and whether it is minor or requires immediate attention. Users can also check and clear the code of the engine light, track their trip history, locate the nearest car shop, keep their gas expenses in check, monetize the car’s movement and have a big cloud of data of every mile driven. Hood also offers insurance companies and executives regular customized reports of their clients’ most recurrent car breakdowns, allowing them to determine their best insurance policy.





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