Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Meet the 25 Startups Diving Headfirst into Vested Summit’s Shark Zone Competition

This year's competition has an intriguing extra layer, as the public will vote on who will get the chance to qualify for the final and pitch in front of this year's panel.

Staff Writer

Taking place on December 5th and 6th, the third edition of the world's largest conscious tech summit, Vested Summit, is adding a little drama to its Shark Zone Competition. Going online via Facebook and free-of-charge to attend, founder Salma El Hariry and co. have out the future of the 25 competing Egyptian startups in the hands of the audience.

Yes, the people will be heard, so to speak, with the startups gaining the most votes qualifying for the chance to then pitch to a panel, before three are chosen to share $100,000 in equity investments. It all adds an intriguing layer to the competition, one fitting of the summit’s themes, Believe - a particularly poignant concept in the context of what has been a difficult 2020.

But who are the startups that have been brave enough to pitch under this most intense of spotlights. Check them out below.

1. G-cement

An Egyptian company that produces cement out of plastic waste. G-cement’s product has a cheaper alternative to traditional cement and even lasts longer.

2. Hexa Fuel

Based in Egypt, Hexa Fuel is a startup that produces green fuel. That being said, the startup solves four sustainable development goals; affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, life below water. They collect plastic waste, shred it, clean it, and then insert it into a pyrolysis reactor which produces Hexa Fuel’s two main products: gasoline and diesel through light oil.

3. Masr Elnas

An e-commerce platform to promote homegrown Egyptian products and telling the story of Egyptian craftspeople.

4. Visgo

Visgo is an Egyptian startup that wants to change the way travellers experience tourism. The app has pre-recorded audio guides pinned to each location of several tourist attractions around Egypt.

5 Mazboot

An Egyptian health-tech startup on a mission to transform the way people manage chronic diseases from traditional and generic to digital and personalized.

6. Fakka

An Egyptian investment firm consulting and guiding users interested in investing in gold.

7. Wiqaya

A diet-tracking app that allows users to receive nutritional prescriptions to help them fulfill their dietary needs and reach their goals. 

8. Youspital

An app-based Egyptian startup that enables its users to book lab test appointments and scans.

9. Talabatak

A door-to-door delivery app based out of Egypt.

10. Pravica

A unified communication suite that meets WEB 3.0 standards and uses blockchain technology to empower user privacy and security. 

11. Vexls

A platform that makes graphic designing easier for non-professional users. Based in Egypt, Vexls helps users to create and edit their designs themselves in English and Arabic through a drag and drop interface with no need for prior experience in graphic design.

12. Agrona 

Agrona is a startup company manufacturing particleboard wood out of agri-residues without cutting a single tree; Fighting climate change and unleashing the economic potentials of the rural societies.

13. Dayra

Based in Egypt, Dayra is the first purposeful sustainable retail platform that sells pre owned high quality clothing with a purposeful twist and very affordable prices.

14. Virtual Leap

A Portugal-based company at the intersection of neural sciences and virtual reality. They explore how virtual reality unlocks the neural sciences. One big problem they’re working on is treating alzheimers.

15. Togetherland

A platform for an XR to be filmed at a rooftop in Cairo. 

16. Yuram

Based in Egypt, Yuram is a platform for families and professionals, focusing on health and educational services for learning difficulties and developmental disorders.

17. Nash2

An Egyptian platform helping parents in tutoring and raising their children. 

18. Montessori Egyptian Center

An Egyptian startup promoting the rights of childhood. The Montessori Egyptian Center is founded to diversify the tools in a better way because the team believes that the child is the core of any society. They offer several educational services such as online courses, podcasts, mini videos and a research unit.

19. Spatium

This Singaporean startup claims to introduce a new generation of digital assets, democratizing how people reach digital assets. Spatium is a unique keyless crypto wallet based on SMPC technology and anonymous biometrics. It eliminates the legacy of crypto early days and provides an institutional level of security to everyone without sacrificing decentralization.

20. E-cashat

An Egyptian end-to-end payment solution for selling to customers online, on mobile, in-app, or in-store. Give your customer the freedom to choose ANY payment method they prefer; from credit/debit cards .

21. 3atlana

An Egyptian app-based startup that provides maintenance and rescue services for every car user.

22. Relief Stress by Nature

An app-based startup based in the Netherlands that helps you choose anchors in your daily routine to hook a behavior to. The app is still in its prototype phase. When it’s launched it will be the first app in the world to use the tiny habits module.

23. Bexel

Bexel is an Egyptian cloud-based software that helps inspection companies digitize their entire inspection process, go paperless, save inspection team time & do the task 10X faster.

24. MyInvest

Based in Nigeria, MyInvest is a property-tech company that helps people to invest in fractional real estate properties.

25. Arza2

A platform that connects employers to blue collars and self-employed workers in Egypt.

Voting closes December 6th at 6 PM (GMT+2). Get watching and then vote here.


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