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New Sharjah Angel Investors Network Aims to Nurture the Next Generation of Angel Investors

Launched by the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, the initiative will look to recruit up to 30 angel investors-in-the-making in 2021.

Aiming to take high-net-worth individuals and turn them into bona fide angel investors, the Sharja Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI) has launched the Sharjah Angel Investors Network.

Announced at a special SRTI forum that welcomes business leaders from across various technical sectors in the emirate, the new initiative will provide angel investors-in-the-making with a specially curated training programme that will touch on everything from the basics of angel investment and risk diversification, to negotiations and methods to seek and support emerging startups and SMEs.

“We are super excited with the launching of Sharjah Angels Investors Network,” CEO of SRTI Park, Hussain Al Mahmoudi, said of the announcement. “Our network of Sharjah angels will boost access to investors and funds for companies and partners based at SRTI Park. In the past two weeks, we have cemented our relationship with various strategic regional and local funds to facilitate startups and innovative SMEs access to funds.” 

Since launching in 2016 as an initiative of the American University of Sharjah Enterprises, SRTI Park has worked towards contributing to the development and management of a healthy, vibrant Sharjah ecosystem. In promoting research and development by providing world-class infrastructure and services, STRI Park focuses on six key areas: water technology, renewable energy, environmental technology, digitisation, Industrial Design 4.0, and transportation and logistics.

Through the Sharjah Angel Investors Network, it aims to recruit up to 30 investors throughout 2021.

Find out more about STRI Park here.

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