Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Egyptian Book Summary App Akhdar Raises Six-Figure Investment from EdVentures

The startup will look to expand its library and introduce new smart learning experiences.

Staff Writer

Having started off as a YouTube channel, Egyptian startup, Akhdar, now sits on the cusp of a potential boom in its unique educational content with the announcement that it has raised a six-figure investment from EdVentures, the venture capital arm of Egypt's Nahdet Misr Publishing Group.

Founded in 2017 by Mohamed Osama, Akhdar is best summarised as a platform that takes content from various books and presents them through simplified, engaging videos. Since launching, the platform has gained a steady popularity, particularly in the case of its app, which features hundreds of videos covering 16 genres of books. Though the concept is brilliant in its simplicity and feeds off of a field that can offer near-limitless sources, it’s been a rollercoaster journey for Osama and his team.

“Back then, we didn’t have a very clear vision of what we wanted to achieve,” he says. “We worked very hard with the limited resources we had to build our platform and to be able to continue presenting useful content. Now, we are quite excited about the coming period, our new partnership with EdVentures will definitely add a lot to our business especially with Nahdet Misr’s extensive experience in education and content creation.”

Nahdet Masr is indeed the ideal investor and partner, and will no doubt accelerate Osama’s intent to channel the investment into expanding its library to cover more topics and categories, as well as his claim that Akhdar will also begin offering smart learning experiences. How the latter will manifest is yet to be seen.

On the part of EdVentures, the VC’s latest investment falls very much in line with its aim to invest in startups specialising in education, innovative learning and culture in Egypt through seed and Pre-Series A funding. Also launched in 2017, it supplements its financing with technical support, something that will be as valuable to Akhdar as the investment itself.


Find out more about Akhdar here.


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