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Noon Launches On-Demand Food and Essentials Delivery Service NowNow

The new delivery service will have its own dedicated app, and will be initially operating in Dubai.

Noon, the e-commerce platform based in Dubai and Riyadh, has launched an on-demand grocery and essentials delivery service NowNow. The new service will be operating in Dubai, and will have its own designated app where users can shop for groceries and essentials such as medicines, wellness products and pet supplies. NowNow offers access to its several different supermarkets, pharmacies, pet stores and butchery shops among other outlets and stores.

NowNow’s edge is that users can place their order from any of available stores, and the delivery will take a fixed time of 60 minutes with a delivery fee of AED 5 ($1.36) per order. Payment on the app has gone cashless, with the only options being credit or debit cards. The website states no minimum requirements on deliveries, and promises a contactless process.

In addition to NowNow, Noon also has the newly-launched Daily service. The service offers much more than just essential goods, but rather an Amazon Prime adjacent option for Noon’s wide range of SKUs. Noon has not yet officially announced NowNow’s launch, but you can download the app now on iOS and Android.

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