Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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SWVL Jets Off to Jordan, Launches ‘SWVL Business’ in Amman

The Cairo-born mobility startup has added only its second MENA market, though more is to come.

Staff Writer

Egyptian-born, Dubai-headquartered startup, SWVL, has announced that it is taking its transportation services to Jordan, marking the fourth market that it operates in, adding to Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan.

Though SWVL’s consumer ride-hailing app is yet to go live, SWVL Business has and will see the startup offer the same services it currently offers to the likes of Samsung, PepsiCo, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Axa.

Under the leadership of former Careem executive, Karrem Zinaty, SWVL will offer companies in Jordan's capital, Amman, the ability to create custom routes and schedules for commuting employees. According to MENAbytes, however, the move is the first of more to come in the Middle East, despite the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The startup is also currently in the process of trialling new offerings in its other markets, including carpooling in Kenya and intercity bus rides in Pakistan.

Considered one of the quickest rising startups in the region, SWVL was named as the second most funded startup in MENA, only coming behind UAE’s Pure Harvest. Its latest investment - a windfall of $20 million - came at the start of the year, just before the pandemic set in.


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