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Startup Guide Cairo Is Launching in Startup Haus on September 18

Mapping out entrepreneurship around the world, Startup Guide finally lands in Cairo.

When the west thinks of Cairo, they imagine pyramids and ancient civilisations. But today, the Egyptian capital – ranked by a 2018 UN report as the most attractive African city for foreign investment – is known to be blossoming and buzzing with entrepreneurial energy. This is why Startup Guide, the cross-country guidebook launched by Sissel Hansen in 2014, decided to take on Cairo's startup landscape beside the 25+ cities the guidebook covers. In the beating heart of Cairo, Startup Guide Cairo will be celebrated in a launch party at Startup Haus on September 18. 

With an extensive network of accelerators, incubators, VCs, angel groups and co-working spaces, founders have all the tools they need to get their ideas off the ground. Startup Guide Cairo is packed with expert advice, insightful interviews and essential resources. The guidebook is created in collaboration with Startup Guide's community partner Enpact and supported by GIZ, Drosos Foundation and ALEXBANK. The official media partner for the book is Startup Scene ME.

“The dynamics on entrepreneurship continues to evolve in Egypt with a fast growing ecosystem, rising flow of diversified startups, a large market of 97 million people within one of the developing world’s emerging economies," says Wessam El Beih, country director of Drosos Foundation. "There is definitely room for improving a supportive policy framework and mechanisms to mentor entrepreneurs. We believe that the launch of Startup Guide Cairo is a good milestone in providing a snapshot of some of the key startups, enablers and investors; and in stimulating new actors to support this promising ecosystem. We hope Startup Guide Cairo will inspire women, and young people to lead ventures that address social challenges with innovative and sustainable businesses.” 

In December 2018, Startup Guide hosted a community kick-off event at Startup Haus Cairo to mark the start of nominations for the guidebook. Over the course of two weeks, members of the local community submitted their recommendations for the most innovative players in the startup ecosystem that deserved to be featured. At the end of the nomination period, a local advisory board - compiled by the community partner - considered each nomination before ultimately deciding who should make it into the book. During the next four months, our production team conducted interviews, gathered information and designed the guidebook.

“Cairo’s ecosystem is diverse, innovative, dynamic and evolving at an impressive pace. Yet, it still lacks the global visibility it deserves. We are thrilled that Startup Guide Cairo features a wide range of founders, start-ups, and investors from this buzzing city. The Guide showcases that it is a promising ecosystem for companies and investors alike,” concludes Dalia Abdallah, Head of Business Innovation in the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprise Project, GIZ. 

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