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The Egyptian Entrepreneurs Behind Okhtein Just Landed their Flagship Bag in Beyonce's Hands

Two pioneers in the Egyptian fashion realm, the sisters behind the handbag brand, Mounaz and Aya Abdel-Raouf reveal how they scaled globally and unveil Madonna's next.

On Thursday, the world's biggest pop icon Beyoncé took her Egyptian fans by surprise after she posted three pictures from one of her recent shoots, where she's seen sporting a fabulous bag designed by our home girls Okhtein. Most people naturally assumed the bag was gifted to Beyoncé, but as was revealed in our chat with Okhtein's co-founder Mounaz Abdel Raouf, Queen Bey actually bought the bag herself. 

The Okhtein Sisters

How did this happen?

After winning the Vogue Arabia contest, one of the perks was having our products displayed at Curve Boutique in Los Angeles, which is where Beyoncé saw and bought the bag.

Were there any previous attempts from Okhtein to dress Queen B or other stars?

We reached out to her stylist last summer as it has always been one of our dreams to dress Beyoncé and other pop icons like Madonna. Being extremely busy as you'd expect her to be, we had to eventually put the plan on hold until a more convenient time. All the reason why we were genuinely surprised when she posed with our bag.What is it about Okhtein that makes its designs internationally appealing?

There are no magic tricks. We rely on our creative talents but we also have a very strong business model, which basically translates to putting our products in the right place at the right time.

What does this mean for the Egyptian fashion industry?

It's all about the quality. Until this moment, we're still working on bettering the quality of our products and that's the only way our industry will move forward and grow. In Egypt, we have the mentality of that if someone reaches their goal, then it's time for a break. I see it to the contrary, the minute you reach one goal, you have to set new ones to keep moving forward, and that's basically what we do. We have a dream and we work our asses off every day to make it a reality.Should we be on the lookout for other global mega stars wearing Okhtein?

Actually, yes. I can confirm that Madonna now has one of our bags, she's yet to be photographed with it though so stay tuned.

Pictures courtesy of Beyoncé.


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