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Thndr Leads Consortium to Bring Electronic Signatures to Egypt

The equities trading platform has been disrupting the finance sector since its launch and is now leading the charge for a key component of digitisation in Egypt.

With Egypt chasing after a seemingly ever-expanding horizon of digitisation, the needs of a digital economy become more apparent. Chief among them is the necessity of verification, with a solution that's easier said than done: the electronic signature. Thndr, a mobile-first equities trading platform based in Egypt, is leading a consortium of five fintech companies to create electronic signatures that are efficient, secure and court-approved.

The consortium is called Imda, and is made up of Thndr Technologies Holding, Digital Finance Holding, Public Partners Insurance Brokerage, Masria Card and Digified.

“Imda aims to maintain the highest level of security while ensuring ease of use. Accordingly, building a commercially viable product that is secure, affordable, and scalable, ” said CEO and Founder at Digital Finance Holding Shehab Marzban. “Having such a project would take Egypt a step closer to a digital economy, which is one of the main transformational projects that Egypt has been prioritizing especially through initiatives driven by the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority.”

Imda looks to become the primary provider of electronic signatures for individuals in Egypt.

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