Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Tunisian Parliament Gears Up to Become an Entrepreneurial Nation through the “Startup Act”

Tunisia’s Startup Act is projected to turn the country into a startup haven. Its adoption represents a first step on the road to the construction of Tunisia’s future, as the Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Economy puts it.

Staff Writer

At a plenary session held on April 2ndevening, the Tunisian House of Parliament passed the Startup Act, deemed as “revolutionary” by Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Economy Anouar Maarouf.

“The [Startup] Act intervenes in response to a call made by young people and will help to overcome the obstacles that hinder the implementation of their projects,” Maarouf says, according to African Manager. “This law is likely to create an economic dynamic by attracting Tunisian investors and entrepreneurs living abroad.”

It has been two years since the Tunisian government started drafting that Act. The new Startup Act is composed of five sections with 20 articles; aiming to smoothen procedures and combat bureaucratic red tape for both entrepreneurs and investors. With that law being in effect, Tunisia promises to embrace startups to become the centre of attention for international markets. Moreover, “the government will [also] launch the fund of funds dedicated to Tunisian startups before the end of 2018,” the Minister includes.

Image: CC: Haythem Gataa


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